Ford Zetec Billet Oil Pump Assembly

Zetec S1.jpg
Zetec S1.jpg

Ford Zetec Billet Oil Pump Assembly


The Ford Zetec Billet Oil Pump Assembly uses our proprietary race prepared housing which is fitted with our custom Billet Oil Pump Gears. We use our proprietary gerotor profile to produce 30% more volume and safely deliver it at up-to 9000 RPM and near unlimited boost.

All assembled billet pumps undergo the following:

  1. Pump is completely taken apart, all parts under go ultrasonic cleaning, air blast, and  hand inspection.

  2. Pump is hand de-burred.

  3. Gear set is cut in house from hardened 4140 chromoly steel billet.

  4. Stainless Torx heads replace the stock fasteners

  5. All fasteners are torqued to spec

  6. Loctite applied to fasteners to prevent back out or loosening

  7. Anaerobic sealant applied to critical areas to boost pump up speed and reduce aeration.

  8. Assembly lubricant applied to all critical surfaces to insure fast initial pump up and lubricity on start.

  9. Parts are blue printed and issued with specification sheet.

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