Mazda Protege FS FP High Flow Assembled Oil Pump


Mazda Protege FS FP High Flow Assembled Oil Pump


Boundary Engineering oil pump gears are machined in matched sets, and shipped with blueprinting paperwork. These gears have been proven in applications of up to 300 hp/L or around 600 hp on a 2 liter.


Stage 2: High Flow Oil Pump Includes


  • Enhanced: CNC cut housing and fitted with larger oil pump gears
  • Hand Assembled: Inner and Outer Chromoly Gear Set hand assembled inside of a new oil pump housing.
  • Cleaned: New housing disassembled and cleaned using air blast, ultrasonic, and visual inspection
  • Valve Checked: Relief valve uninstalled, actuated, lubricated, and reinstalled
  • Blue Printed: Blue printing paper work filled out with all your exact tolerances at the time of assembly.
  • Lubricated: Assembled using Red Line assembly lube.
  • Packaged: Fitted inside of air tight bag to prevent contamination.



For VVT and NON-VVT motors all applications 


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